How is it possible for me to forget myself if I never knew who I was in the first place?
—Sorata Masaomi
Sorata Masaomi



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Sorata Masaomi was thrown in for a loop when he was taken from his cabin in Xepora to be shipped off to the magical continent of Aupari. Lost and seeking answers, he finds trust in a dragon friend he makes on the voyage to Aupari. Together, him and Bolt Mulaag travel to the new world, questioning everything they see. He sets out on a quest to find answers after an identity crisis began once he was told that he wasn't really who he thought he was. Sorata struggles to come to terms with this new reality where magic exists everywhere while fighting to find his own self. In the new world, there was only one person that he was told they could rely on. That was Yuka Akasa. With the help of both Bolt and Yuka, Sorata tries to adjust to his new life and abandon everything he thought he knew.

Personality Edit

Still holding onto his innocence and youth, Sorata is nervous as he experiences everything for the first time when he enters Aupari. When he was still living in Xepora, he spent most of his time sheltered in a cabin out in the woods away from society with his mother and sister. Spending a lot of time in the isolation of the woods, Sorata had many questions about the world and wanted to experience what others could. He wish to break free to chase after his curiosity and venture out into the world instead of being stuck inside of a cabin. Sorata is also a very caring and concerned person when it comes to other people that he meets. He shows great concern for the festival maiden who would later sacrifice herself during the ceremony. With Sorata's endless curiosity, he's also very open-minded to new ideas and beliefs. He welcomes the teachings of Yuka Akasa, wanting to learn more about their culture and what they believe in.

History Edit

Before he was sent off to Aupari, Sorata spent his life living in a cabin in the woods of Xepora away from society with his both mother and sister, Nori Masaomi. It was a daily thing for him to help out with basic survival needs, such as collecting logs or bringing back food. They rarely ever saw people out in the woods where they lived. Sorata was convinced that he was the only person who actually held magic. However, he was also curious as to why him and his family spent all of their time in the woods. He could only imagine what life in towns and cities were like, but for some reason that was something that his family tried to avoid. It can also be noted that Sorata's father has yet to be spoken or heard of.

Present Edit

Aupari, The World of Magic Edit

Sorata Masaomi spent most of his daily life collecting wood and hunting for food while he lived with his mother and sister in the woods of Xepora. Although his little sister was annoying at times, he still loved her and didn't mind playing games with her. However, that all changed one night when he heard a knock at his window while he was sleeping. He woke up, then found a small brunette haired girl peering through his window. Sorata jumped out of his bed in surprise, then opened his window. When he asked her why she was there, she told him that she was there to see him. He was confused as he had never even seen this girl once in his life. But he decided to investigate and climbed out through the window to talk to her. From there, she took his hand and asked him about who he was. He didn't know how to respond to her question, only repeating his own name and wondering what she was trying to really ask. But then, he was backed up into a corner and before he could do anything, he was paralyzed by an energy gun which rendered him unconscious.

He woke up dazed and confused, but found himself being transported to a cell. That's where he saw Bolt Mulaag for the first time. The two of them got put into a cell together, left to ponder their fates. As they spent time together in the cell, he quickly learned that Bolt Mulaag was not your average person, but he was a dragon. Sorata was sent into a world of surprise as he quickly realized that these people weren't just everyday humans. There was actually more people out in the world who could wield magic besides himself. The next day, the two of them were brought onto a ship where they were being sailed off to a far-away land. That's where he met both Koyami and Erebus. He learned that Erebus was a legend of sorts according to Koyami. Sorata wanted to break free and get back to his family in Xepora. Even though he was finally exploring other parts of the world, he didn't want to leave behind his family. However, he had no choice in the matter. After trying to discuss and find a way to escape, he realizes that there's no way that they'll be to break free. Instead, he learns from Erebus that they were heading to a continent named Aupari where magic flourished and that they were going to be trained to fight somebody's war. Baffled, Sorata could hardly believe a word that he was saying. Sorata returns to his cell, but then finds a note that was slipped inside by Erebus. Both himself and Bolt were told that the person who they could trust in helping them was a girl named Yuka. After sleeping the rest of the voyage, they arrived at their destination.

Shortly after arriving in Aupari, Sorata witnessed something that he had never seen in his entire life. Erebus was blatantly executed right before his very eyes by the woman that he told them to trust. Sorata experienced witnessing death for the first time and was sent into panic. Among his panic, he was also confused as to why Erebus would tell them to trust his own killer. He could hardly believe it anymore, he didn't want to trust her, instead he was in fear of her. But as soon as he entered his room for his examination, Sorata thought he could hear the words of Erebus echoing through his mind, telling him to have trust in Yuka. After getting a chip implanted into his neck, he met with Bolt in the waiting room. Then he got the letter of his academy that was delivered by the same girl who captured him. He learned that her name was Mizuno and that she was sorry for what she did. He had no choice but to forgive her, although he was still mad about being taken from his family. Mizuno, who had the same academy as both Sorata and Bolt, guided them through their passage on the airship and brought them to Slisora Academy. Sorata quickly met new friends along the way, including Mona, Eli, Zaveid, and more. He was shown where his dorm was by Mona, who he soon learned was actually his roommate. After being invited to the cafe, Sorata had his first personal encounter with Yuka, after both him and Bolt wanted to learn more about the Star Spirits they kept hearing of. Once he heard her say something about knowing what he was, Sorata pleaded with Yuka to tell him. Although she didn't budge, she decided that she would help him when class was in session. Sorata was happy that he was going to figure out who he was. He was told that he wasn't just a human with abilities and it left him in a great identity crisis.

Mortuus Celebratione Stella Festival Edit

Not too long after their arrival at the academy, the Mortuus Celebratione Stella festival had begun. Yuka arrived at their dorms and told them that they were going along with her. Sorata followed along and asked questions about what the festival was for. He had seen decorations up, but didn't know what was being celebrated. Sorata heard that during the ceremony of the festival, one person would be sacrificed in order to let go of the roaming spirits and send them off. Sorata wondered why anybody would offer themselves to be sacrificed, but he learned that Yuka herself offered to be sacrificed in the past. Soon, they were both brought to the mall where Yuka paid for the both of them to purchase kimonos for the festival. Even though he felt a little odd about wearing a kimono, Sorata was still somewhat excited to learn and experience this new world's culture firsthand. They took a train that brought them outside of Slisora to the town where the festival was taking place. Along the way, Yuka gave the two of them a lesson, explaining to them who each of the Star Spirits were. Once they arrived at the festival, they changed into their kimonos and gathered food, then proceeded to the stage in the plaza to listen to traditional music. Along the way, Sorata met Dawn for the first time, who he thought was a bit of an introvert. After coming back to the stage with his food, Sorata saw that Yuka was talking to who he found out was the maiden who was going to be sacrificed. He had many questions for her, but he wasn't able to ask them all as she had to leave. However, he was completely blown away after the maiden answered his first and only question about why she was going through with it. It seemed like the maiden knew a lot more about him than he even knew. She told him to never forget who he really was and that he had a bright and fulfilling future ahead of him as a hero. He was confused, but obviously she knew a lot of things that he didn't. He spent time questioning what was said to him, and how she told him that she was giving herself up for the benefit of the world.

Sorata and Yuka both gave Bolt time alone due to the impact of the maiden's words regarding his family. They had went to the river where he talked about not knowing who he was. But not too long into their conversation, Yuka suddenly fainted, almost hitting her head before Sorata caught her. He picked her up and carried her to a nearby inn to rest up until she regained consciousness. Mona and Bolt both discovered them inside of a room, asking Sorata about what happened. He explained to them, but then a strange person with cat ears appeared wearing a maid outfit. She had a piece of cake in her hands and told them that it was a delivery for Yuka. She left it on the table and left the inn. Soon enough, Yuka woke up dazed and confused. After being told that she fainted and that a cake was here for her, she asked that they feed it to her as she wasn't in good condition. Sorata obliged and fed the cake to her. Bolt left the room, seeing they might be in there for a while. However, Yuka suddenly stopped and noticed that something was wrong about how the cake tasted. In a hurry, she decided to climb out through the window and sprint towards the sacred tree of the town. Sorata kept up behind her with Mona, wondering what was going on. He then watched as she fell over. He quickly came to her side and checked up on her, only to discover that the cake given to her was drugged. Sorata was angry that he didn't realize this sooner and felt responsible for her condition. He instructed Mona to run off and find the others, fearing the worst. Sorata helped Yuka back up onto her feet and continued to assist her in her walk to the tree. But then, she stopped midway and approached Sorata who looked on with confusion. She simply told him not to be afraid and pressed her hand against his cheek. Sorata wasn't sure of what to think or why she was acting like that, but he heard words and was reminded of the constant times where he was afraid of her because of what she did to Erebus. He told her that he wasn't afraid any longer, feeling in his heart that Yuka was more than just what he saw the first time he met her. He realized that she did have a heart inside of her, that she did care about others, just as she did for the maiden.